Portfolio Management

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Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management | Pharma Consultants LLC - New York City, NY

With our extensive experience and expertise in prescription product portfolio management Pharma Consultants LLC is your best choice for all your portfolio management requirements. We can help you identify products that will compliment your existing portfolio and allow you to maximize marketing resources. Our Pharma experience can assist in developing a portfolio of products that will be synergistic and enhance revenues and market share.

The drive to maximize core pharmaceutical assets has never been more critical. The prescription product portfolio management process- a key component in your company’s structure –can lead to decisions that impact directly company growth, competitive advantage and barriers to competitive entry.

Pharma Consultants LLC understands how critical proper portfolio management is and how it can result in extending the therapeutic product franchise beyond patent expiration.

Effective portfolio management requires not only foresight, but also preparation and lead times. Although your company may believe it is currently taking all the right steps, updating and executing portfolio management strategies it sometimes can be oblivious to the obvious and a unbiased review may identify areas that have been overlooked or understated.

From assisting in designing the clinical studies to ensure the product label will document a differentiated product that is reimbursable to designing a successful brand management life cycle plan, we strive to optimize your product and its position in the market.

We are fully capable and ready to assume your portfolio management requirements. From discovery to patent expiration and behind we can ensure a smooth transition from clinical portfolio planning to branded lifecycle management. We are dedicated to helping you realize brand success through good planning and smart product execution.