Pharmaceutical Marketing

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Pharmaceutical Marketing

Pharmaceutical Marketing | Pharma Consultants LLC - New York City, NY

In today’s pharmaceutical environment Pharma Consultants LLC is one of the few companies that can help the entrepreneur with a novel and unique patented invention, related to the industry, to a medium size Pharma company looking for expertise and experience in positioning their product(s) in the market.

Pharma Consultants LLC can assist the entrepreneur in identifying the viability of the invention and the possible segments of the industry that might be interested in acquiring or investing in its development.

In small to medium size pharmaceutical companies Pharma Consultants LLC can assist in identifying the product’s value proposition and position the product in such a way as to differentiate it from the competition. Pharma Consultants LLC can help develop strategic and tactical pharmaceutical marketing plans which help ensure achieving prescription and sales objectives.

Some clients are looking for assistance in expanding or managing their portfolio of products, other companies are looking to address the advent of generic threats to their products about to lose product exclusivity, or technical assistance in developing, expanding or managing a portfolio of product.

Pharma Consultant LLC has extensive experience in conducting pharmaceutical market research, analyzing third party data, acquiring prescription and sales data, developing life cycle plans, product development plans and annual strategic and tactical pharmaceutical marketing plans while always assessing the products commercial viability in the marketplace. In addition, insight into competitive threats from new product entries or aggressive competitive marketing challenges can be addressed through a series of marketing assessments.

Our approach to pharmaceutical marketing is based on years of experience inside the industry, and stresses the importance of such key elements as market research, co- promotion arrangements, business development and product positioning. But it goes beyond that. We help you focus on persistent problem areas such as slowing the erosion of patent expired products and aggressively developing marketing strategies that deliver results.

The pharmaceutical marketing landscape continues to change. The growing power of digital and the ongoing impact of data (big or small), means you need to stay ahead of the trends and understand their impact. That is a lot of work. That is why you need Pharma Consultants LLC. Let us do that work. We have the know edge and expertise to explore and exploit all the trends and cutting-edge strategies needed for your enterprise to stay relevant in this fluid environment.

By focusing in sales and market share, Pharma Consultants LLC is perfectly positioned to increase your marketing impact. Beginning with a full assessment of your marketing plans and strategic goals we can assist in refining those goals and objectives to help you achieve your vision within your market segment. Let us work with you to refine your strategic goals and objectives allowing you to position your product and achieve your sales and prescription goals.