Patent Litigation

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Patent Litigation

Patent Litigation | Pharma Consultants LLC - New York City, NY

Pharma Consultants LLC has a ten year history of providing testimony in Hatch-Waxman cases as well as in claims involving contract breaches and marketing violations. They have worked with some of the country’s best known law firms from coast to coast in providing research, technical advice, research and opening and rebuttal reports on subject matters ranging from commercial success to unmet medical need. Pharma Consultants LLC has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in not only United States Federal Courts but also Canada and the United Kingdom. We look forward to assisting your firm in providing a high level of service and expertise in all prescription and over the counter product cases.

By applying our keen technical knowledge of the industry in these strategically legal scenarios Pharma Consultants LLC is able to provide all clients, from coast to coast, with a comprehensive approach to researching the specifics of the case and providing legal opinions based on the facts in the case. This technical depth, when joined with our extensive patent litigation experience, allows us to offer a full range of services necessary to affect positive patent litigation outcomes.

Our patent litigation services in this area is extensive and include the following based on the client’s needs.

• Therapeutic area analysis
• Competitive product analysis
• Managed care impact on commercial success
• Accessing data from industry sources
• Expert reports, depositions and trial testimony
• Declarations on irreparable harm
• Opinions on Hatch-Waxman patent cases
• Portfolio analysis
• Marketing and sales analysis
• Opinions on unmet medical need from a business perspective

Our owner and founder has over forty years of industry experience and is President and part owner of a small boutique pharmaceutical company which markets natural over the counter skin care products. He fully understands the complexities inherent in the pharmaceutical market and has performed many if not all of the key positions in identifying, developing and marketing pharmaceutical products though their product life cycle and beyond.

Pharma Consultants LLC is well versed in the specifies of this type of litigation, and knows how to analyze the formulation, the method of use, the activities inherent in the molecule and the process of making patents relative to marketing a pharmaceutical products.

The extensive level of experience and expertise allows you to entrust Pharma Consultants LLC with your pharmaceutical litigation needs.