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For years we have been assisting pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients in New York City with the development and implementation of successful and innovative marketing strategies.

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Pharmaceutical Marketing | Pharma Consultants LLC

In today’s pharmaceutical environment, Pharma Consultants LLC is one of the few pharmaceutical marketing agencies in New York City...

Portfolio Management | Pharma Consultants LLC

With our extensive experience and expertise in prescription product portfolio management, Pharma Consultants LLC is your logical choice...

Patent Litigation | Pharma Consultants LLC

Pharma Consultants LLC specializes at patent litigation. We have made a study of the pharmaceutical patent field and know how to...

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Pharma Consultants LLC has been assisting pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients in New York City, NY, in thedevelopment and implementation of successful and innovative pharmaceutical product marketing strategies for years.

When you work with us, you’ll find that we are an experienced, privately held enterprise, totally independent, committed to helping you realize your pharmaceutical marketing goals. Our experienced team, anchored by company founder Harry C. Boghigian, has worked with hundreds of companies to remediate, maintain, and improve their company, allowing them to maximize their marketing potential.

Our project managers and marketing consultants understand your business objectivesand are committed to achieving them with you. Whether those objectives include maximizing revenues, revitalizing your sales force, reducing company costs or simply finding hidden revenue opportunities, the specialists at Pharma Consultants LLC are here to help you.

Contact a consultant today to discuss in detail how we can help you enrich your current portfolio, augment your existing processes, and drive your portfolio growth to unparalleled heights. Call our offices today!